As an Internet marketer, we are convinced you’ve run into the term private label rights or PLR, and most probably your hard drive is packed with PLR downloads that you never used…  What is PLR and what makes it so interesting for internet marketers?

Let’s start by looking at exactly what PLR content is and what it isn’t.

PLR content means different things to different people. But overall, it refers to content that you are given rights to use by the original author. You can add your name as the author, change it, add to it, sell it and sometimes even give it away (be sure to always check the rights for any PLR content you’re thinking about using). What you cannot usually do with PLR content is let someone else have PLR rights to it. In other words, you cannot give someone else the ability to use the content as their own.

PLR for a certain product is a license granting the new owner the right to use the content as he or she sees fit. That content could be something as simple as a pack of articles or as complex as a complete marketing package with eBooks and audio recordings, video, or even software or a web template of any kind.

Someone else has done the writing (or recording, or software development or web design), and possibly had a nice website template put together with sales letter and graphics. Then, rather than trying to market it themselves, make it available for sale to many others.

If you’ve never used PLR content before, you may be wondering what is so special about it. After all, you could write the content yourself and not pay anything. Or hire a ghostwriter and have exclusive access to the content. While both of these statements are true, it’s important to remember that everything in business is a trade off. Especially when your business is young. True unconditional PLR is a money and time saver. For $30 to $200 you get top quality, well designed content that you would otherwise spend many countless hours producing by yourself or paying through the nose for a freelancer to do something similar. If your time and money is precious, PLR can be the answer you are looking for.

With PLR, you’re given a license that tells specifically what you can and can’t do with the package. The best PLR are those that have an unconditional license that basically allows the new owner to use and redo the product any way they like. You can add your own name, add and delete sections, even sell it on to others with a price that you determine. It’s as if you’re the original author without all of the work of authoring.

It pays to shop around for PLR. Pay attention to the wording in the license and if you don’t want to agree to the terms, don’t buy it. Also, before buying, get a snippet of the text, Google it (in quotes) and check how many times it’s been used on the web. This way you can get an idea of how many others have purchased and used the same package.

All along we will help you pick the top quality private label rights products that are available in the market and come with tutorials, ideas and solutions that will help you make the best use of PLR. Using our combined experience, we will go through different blueprints that will help you make more money with Private Label Rights content.